Clean, renewable source and sustainable

We produce anhydrous and hydrated ethanol from a renewable, clean and self-sustainable source.

The location makes us competitive in our vocational market, facilitating the flow to the North Region, through BR-163 and BR-364, using our own logistics chain. In the last harvest, we produced 286 million liters of the product, which were sold to the main distributors in the country, in the Southeast, Midwest and North regions.

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ISO 9.001

ISO 9001 is the standard that certifies the company's Quality Management System. It has tools that guarantee the supply of its products within the same quality standards, establishing a relationship of trust with its customers and consumers.

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We are certified in the RenovaBio program, which is part of the new National Biofuel Policy whose purpose is to encourage the presence of ethanol and other renewable biofuels, with a view to reducing CO2 emissions in the country's energy matrix. The certification allows the issuance and sale of Decarbonization Credits (CBios), a financial asset for biofuel producers, which are granted through the energy efficiency profile and individualized production volume

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ISO 14.001

We were the first company in the sugar-energy sector in Mato Grosso to obtain ISO 14.001 certification. The certification attests that we are in compliance with the principles of its environmental policy and that the Environmental Management System (SGA) is effectively implemented.

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Low Carbon Fuel Standard

The California Air Resources Board's LC Fuel Standard program certifies that the ethanol production chain remains stable. effect of reducing greenhouse gas production on the production of diesel and substitute biofuels.

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