Our foundation took place in 1980 as one of the largest ethanol and sugar producers in the world. In 2019, we changed our name to uisa, and we marked the beginning of a new cycle. We started to be controlled by financial investors and we are preparing to become a biorefinery focused on the production of clean energy, food and inputs from sugarcane and corn.

Our history is highlighted by changes and reinventions, but we have never lost our DNA, of excellence and innovation in processes and quality in products intended for the consumer market. We recently went through a profound process of operational and financial restructuring and today we are living a time of transformation in the largest and most integrated biorefinery in Brazil, in which we convert vegetable raw materials into clean energy, biofuels, food and inputs, in a sustainable way, close to the community and focused on social and environmental development.


Linha do tempo


Installed in Nova Olímpia, in the interior of Mato Grosso/MT, Destilarias Itamarati. Subsequently, we received the name of Usinas Itamarati. The enterprise is recognized, until today, as one of the largest in the sugar-energy sector outside the main production hub, the state of São Paulo.


The first harvest takes place, from the cultivation of 7,000 hectares of sugarcane, which resulted in the crushing of 25,000 tons, producing 150,000 liters of ethanol. At the time, we had an effective team of 300 workers.


Mechanized harvesting of whole sugarcane has started.


The first expansion of our plant takes place, with the installation of the sugar factory. In that year, we also started producing electricity from sugarcane biomass, which made us self-sufficient in energy during the harvest. After this period, we started to be called Usinas Itamarati S / A.


Mechanized harvesting with chopped cane begins.


As of this year, we started to sell the excess bioenergy during the harvest, exporting 8,126.8 MWh to the state concessionaire.


In 2006, mechanized planting was implemented, reaching 58% in the 2011/2012 harvest. Also in 2006, it started selling carbon credits.


We expanded our capacity and started to produce energy also in the off-season for our own use.


We achieved 100% mechanized harvesting and raw cane.


We received the seal of recognition of the National Commitment to Improve Working Conditions in Sugarcane.


We were awarded the Coca-Cola Ingredients Supplier Quality Award.


This year marks the entry of new investors, a new chapter in our history.


We have received the Bonsucro Certification (Better Sugarcane Initiative) considering the main best practices of international sustainable on the sugarcane production chain. The certification certifies the production quality and origin in the whole process.


Rebranding our brand to uisa - New meaning for a brand and for a Company. We started to position ourselves as a strong player in bioenergy, bioproducts and food, with a strong presence in Mato Grosso and in the North of the country, where we are leaders in the sugar market with the Itamarati brand.


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We started the commercialization of CBios (Decarbonization Credits), a new source of revenue that could reach an issue of around 200 thousand CBios per crop year.


We started the commercialization of sanitizers and personal care products, another initiative of the diversification strategy.


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Distribution centers

We have five distribution centers of our own


Our outstanding experience in the area of ​​Logistics, focused on the distribution of sugar