Social Responsibility

We adopt socioenvironmental procedures in the development of the business in order to balance the economic, social and environmental forces responsible for maintaining the Sustainability tripod.

The well-being of the employee, his family and the community is paramount to a safe and pleasant work environment, with a view to making relationships happen respectfully.

The concern with our internal public and with the development of the community can be seen in the Social Responsibility Policy and attested by a social project of its own and in partnership with Florescer Ação Social. This demonstrates our commitment to future generations and to building a more just and equal country.


Private Social Investment Policy

The Private Social Investment Policy regulates that our social actions are directed to the areas of health, education, sport, culture and income generation, in order to contribute to the development of the community, in the needs indicated by the local social indicators, and that whether its own or supported social projects are in line with our Sustainable Development Goals.

Objective: to guarantee better living conditions for our communities and a more just and balanced society.

Target audience: Community in General.


Investment fronts


We adopt socioenvironmental procedures in the development of the business, aiming to balance the economic, social and environmental forces.

The well-being of our employees, their families and the community is paramount to maintaining a safe and pleasant work environment.



Partnership projects: developed by third parties, with our support;


Own projects: developed by the social area;


Own and partnership events: developed by the social area or by third parties, with our support, in the most diverse forms.


Donations of goods and products: intended for individuals or companies, with a social purpose;


Volunteer program: We encourage our professionals to act as volunteers and we are partners in all projects developed by Florescer Ação Social, made up of our workers and the community;

Projects and events

Projeto em destaque


For taking on commitments for the benefit of children and adolescents, since 2001, we are recognized by the Abrinq Foundation as a “Child Friendly” company.

Within the scope of the Abrinq seal, as of 2011, we formalized the commitment to Florescer Ação Social for a monthly donation to social projects aimed at children and adolescents.

In this way, it continues to fulfill its social function by conducting its activities, based on principles of responsibility and transparency, combining profitability and competitiveness with appreciation and respect for human beings.

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The transformation of our energy involves diversity

Respecting and encouraging diversity is at the heart of our journey. They are pillars of our business strategy and the transformation of the entire production chain. In a long-term journey, we reaffirm our commitment to plurality, to social equality and to the fight against discrimination, violence and injustice, inside and outside the world.

We know that we still have a long way to go, but we want to be agents of change within the agribusiness, combat unconscious biases, generate even more creative, innovative and high-performance teams, aligned with ESG strategies.


Projeto em destaque
Projeto em destaque


Founded in 2006, Florescer Ação Social was created based on an initiative of our professionals for the development of voluntary work in neighboring communities. Its main objective is to carry out activities that encourage and strengthen the human, social, educational and cultural in communities.

Florescer Ação Social has a team of multidisciplinary professionals engaged in our purpose, in favor of social inclusion and in defense of human rights, providing integrity to the family through education, culture, sports and health. Since the beginning of its activities, more than 31 thousand consultations have been carried out.

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