Clean, renewable source and self-sustainable

The use of biomass from sugarcane bagasse is a renewable energy option with the ability to complement energy production from hydroelectric plants in Brazil.

Renewable • Clean • Self-sustainable

In uisa, the bagasse and straw, co-products from sugarcane processing and other biomass are used as raw material for the production of compounds that can be used to increase soil fertility, forage for animal nutrition or fuel for boilers and biodigesters.

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ISO 14001

We were the first company in the sugar-energy sector in Mato Grosso to obtain ISO 14.001 certification. The certification attests that we are in compliance with the principles of its environmental policy and that the Environmental Management System (SGA) is effectively implemented.

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fssc 22000


We were the first company in Brazil to achieve Regenagri certification for sugarcane production. The certification certifies that our agricultural practices comply with the principles of regenerative agriculture, considering soil health, preservation of biodiversity, sustainable use of water and energy, carbon sequestration, among others.

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