Reporting channel

We are always attentive and aligned with a more efficient way of identifying deviations from our Code of Ethics and Conduct, Code of Internal Policies and Current Legislation. For this, we have a Whistleblower Channel in order to expand and improve the service, investigation and investigation of the reports received.

The Whistleblower Channel and Compliance Information Area and Active Information Expected Devices and Compliance with Our Integrated Code of Ethics, as well as any Principles of Attention Meeting Compliance with Standards and Meeting our Code of Ethics, as well as any Principles of Attention Of Legality Attendants. The purpose is to identify, prevent and quickly whatever types of risks they analyze with each reported complaint.

Communications with the whistleblower channel can be transmitted confidentially and anonymously, with anonymity being guaranteed and a necessary protection for the full realization of the whistleblowing.

Person who deduces, or an idea of ​​reflection, protected against any acts, on the part of the uisa.

Anyone can report it, contact can be made:

Phone: 0800-882-1111

Online Channel:

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 24h.

Directly as a representative of the Compliance area


Frequently Asked Questions


The deadline for the registered complaint to be investigated and any possible liability indicated depends on the content and complexity of each complaint. The whistleblower will always be informed, at the end, about the conclusion of the complaint, in addition to receiving intermediate information about the treatment. You will also be able to follow the progress of the complaint through the individual protocol and password informed at the time of registration of the complaint.

The conclusion and progress of the complaint can be consulted at any time on the Complaints Channel website. For this, it is necessary to have in hand the number of the protocol that is provided in the registration of the manifestation. In order for the investigative process to have a satisfactory result, employees and third parties who send communications must provide all the elements they have about the facts reported. In addition, it is important that whistleblowers participate in the best possible way in the acts eventually requested.

All people who have a demand involving our activities.

Our Whistleblowing Channel is a form of secure communication, and if desired, anonymous, where you can report any complaints, allegations, suspicions or information on violation of uisa's Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct.

Any complaints, allegations, suspicions or information can be anonymous. However, anonymous claims will be subject to verification only if the data and information are sufficient for verification and action. In all cases, even if the communications are not sent anonymously, the identity of the communicator will be kept confidential in all the actions he/she takes to ascertain what was reported.

We hired a company called Be Compliance, which is responsible for the records of communications made on the Reporting Channel. It is an independent, external, confidential and impartial tool that is available to the external and internal public. All information will be verified by us, during the verification process, and we will take the necessary actions, at our sole discretion.

In faithful compliance with our Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics, access channels may be used by employees and third parties to carry out, always in good faith, the report of inappropriate conduct and deviations in compliance with the Code of Conduct, such as:

  • Theft of goods or company information;

  • Suspicious agreements with suppliers or customers;

  • Inappropriate or irregular use of our facilities and assets;

  • Defamation of our name or image, employees, shareholders and other partners;

  • Payment or receipt of bribes or kickbacks, or even gifts, gifts, entertainment or hospitality as a form of corruption;

  • Falsifying or tampering with documents;

  • Practice of anti-competitive activities in any of the businesses, bids, contracts, etc;

  • Use of our systems and communication channels to disseminate any offensive content, such as prank calls, rumors, pornography or other forms of discrimination;

  • Flaws in security or internal controls;

  • Any form of data falsification and plagiarism;

  • Any other violations of good work practices and the appropriate organizational climate. Discrimination of any kind - religious, social, racial, sexual, political, educational, cultural - or any other factor that attacks human individuality.

  • Combat and significantly reduce fraud and malpractice;

  • Positive image before the market;

  • Management transparency;

  • Identifies and reduces the risks of our business;

  • Improves the working environment;

  • Strengthens monitoring and control systems;

  • Maximizes profits;

  • Reduces judicial liabilities;

  • Ensures compliance with laws and regulations.