Who we are

We are one of the largest Biorefineries in Brazil. We have a business model that allows the transformation of renewable raw materials and their waste into biofuels, biomethane, clean energy, food, organic fertilizers and ingredients for human and animal nutrition.

Located in Mato Grosso, a region with one of the greatest biodiversity in the world, our guideline is to maximize sustainability and reduce carbon emissions from biomass processing.

With 40 years of history, we operate strongly in the Midwest and North regions of Brazil. Altogether, we own around 90,000 hectares of land, of which more than 40,000 are occupied by sugarcane. With a team of more than 2,000 employees and almost 1,000 partners, we operate in all stages of the production chain, from sugarcane planting to trade, logistics and distribution of the finished product.

Offer effective solutions in the sustainable processing of biomass through a diversity of bioproducts and renewable bioenergy, in harmony and respect for employees, customers, suppliers, the community, the environment and shareholders.

To be the benchmark for excellence, innovation and efficiency in biorefineries, by offering complete and sustainable solutions in bioproducts and renewable bioenergy to the market.

  • To respect as the basis of all relationships;

  • To dialogue as sharing and confrontation of ideas, in the perspective of expanding knowledge and the collective enrichment of culture;

  • To preserve and respect the values ​​of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and the Federal, State and Municipal Constitutions;

  • To establish communication channels in an open, honest and objective way, always seeking to facilitate and streamline the flow of information;

  • To act with transparency;

  • To act with agility and precision; 

  • To recognize the diversity of opinions, preserving the right to freedom of expression

  • To seek the continuous improvement of its practices, efficiently using the available resources;

  • To repudiate child labor;

  • To work with products and manufacturing practices that aim to eliminate and / or minimize the environmental impact; 

  • To respect the diversity of sex, age, race, culture, sexual orientation and religion.

  • To respect the law with Integrity and Ethics;

  • To develop people, who are vital to our business, in an environment of safety and well-being with respect to diversity;

  • To be committed to quality service;

  • To be an agent of change with a positive social impact in the communities where we operate;

  • To search for actions that respect the environment and contribute to the sustainability of the planet through our products and actions;

  • To maintaining our competitiveness through continuous innovation, high quality and optimization of our processes;

  • To create value for our shareholders, through the permanent search for high agro-industrial performance, with clear goals, objectivity, efficiency and simplicity in execution.





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Distribution centers

We have five distribution centers of our own


Our outstanding experience in the area of ​​Logistics, focused on the distribution of sugar